2009 was a fantastic year for the JLGB.   The JLGB had been going through some exciting changes to help better meet the needs and support local Jewish communities.  The first of the major changes was announced via YouTube, when JLGB changed its national structure - it is now divided in to 8 regions across the UK. 
JLGB’s new South London and The South region covers Bromley, Kingston, Sutton, Croydon as well as Brighton and Bournemouth.  JLGB welcome new members to come along and visit and see what is on offer to them.  Seniors are aged 11 – 18 and Juniors 8 – 11.
Also as part of the exciting changes the JLGB has launched a brand new skills based awards scheme called the "Enterprise Award". This cutting edge achievement and personal development programme is designed to meet the needs of today’s generation of young Jewish children.
One important change, to meet the needs of the local community, following the successful JLGB regeneration meeting in South West London, was the opening of the new Kingston JLGB.  Kingston JLGB were delighted with the numbers at their first meeting in their new premises.  Over a dozen new members attended with more anticipated.  Young Jewish youth who live in the Kingston, Wimbledon, Sutton and surrounding areas are invited to join them for their weekly gatherings.   Kingston JLGB meet on a Tuesday evening.
The young enthusiastic team of staff, headed by Zoe Hyams, have planned some fantastic activities which form part of the JLGB’s new Enterprise Award.  Members will be able to take part in sports such as dodge ball, beat boxing, street dance, team challenges including a boys v girls evening, chocolate and smoothie making, a music night and a chance to do some dry slope skiing!!!

Members of JLGB are able to take part in many different activities and events throughout the year including:

JLGB National Accredited Members’ Training - for those aged 14 – 18
JLGB Senior Summer and Winter Camps – for those aged 11+
JLGB National Bands Weekend - for those aged 11+
JLGB Junior Spring Camp - for those aged 8 -11

Many of the above events are open to friends and non-members too – so why not contact us and give JLGB a try – you might like it!!

The JLGB has been going through some exciting changes to help better meet the needs and support local Jewish communities so, all in all it’s a hugely exciting time to get involved with the JLGB as in 2010 the JLGB will be celebrating its 115th Anniversary.

For more information about JLGB, visit www.jlgb.org, email getinvolved@jlgb.org
or telephone 020 8989 8990.
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