Sutton Synagogue Functions Committee (SFC) REPORT 2009 - by Rica Infante

The following is my annual report on the SFC:

We began operating in February last year and have since organised 11 events for which we have raised £1,828 for the shul.  We were able to raise this income thanks to our very generous supporters, sponsors and donors who have encouraged us to continue offering top quality entertainment and catering at very affordable prices.

The events included a Shabbat lunch in February, a Youth Shabbaton in March, a Cantorial Concert in April, a Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat service and dinner in June, another Youth Shabbaton in September, a film evening as part of Rabbi Groner’s Adult Education Programme also in September, an Evening with Dr. Naftali Loewenthal on Judaism and Modernity in November.  We also helped AJEX organise a very impressive Remembrance Shabbat in November which was attended by the Mayor of Sutton and other dignitaries and a congregation of well over 120.  There were also the evenings with Lady Jakobovits in December and with Ronit Ben Dor in January and finally another very successful Kabbalat Shabbat service and dinner last Friday. 

We are also starting up a modern dance class on Tuesday evenings commencing 2nd June,  we have a very interesting evening with Yvonne Green lined up for 21st June, details of which you already have and we will be selling tickets for this event after the AGM so please purchase them tonight if you can. 

We are coordinating another Youth Shabbaton in the summer.
As well as this, the SFC committee met an hour ago and decided to hold regular special Kiddushim on the Shabbat when we bless the new month.  The first one will be on Saturday, 20th June and we hope for a good attendance.  Please make a note of this date and come to shul that Shabbes.   There’s a flyer in the Noticeboard about it as well.

All these events would have never been accomplished without the hard work, energy and drive of all the SFC committee members and helpers and my grateful thanks go to Melanie Gold for her unswerving commitment with the catering and to Ralph Goldstein, Alan Corkland, Jennifer Hunter, Avril Kalms, Gerald Cohen who recently retired from the committee but who nevertheless continues to help us with ticket sales, to Sandra Berkovi who recently joined us, to Adrienne Fresko for chairing some of our Speaker events, to Mark Fresko for all our ticket templates, to Barbara Saunders for the write-ups, to David Heller for the web-site pictures and to Josh Felberg, Daniel Heller and Dan Mackenzie who assist us with the youth programmes.  My thanks also to all the ladies who always come to help prepare the food and also to Andy Gold and Peter Fischer who always assist us with the sound and film equipment.  You are all a great team and we have much fun planning and organising all these events and G-d willing let us continue in the same vein this coming year.

I would also like to thank all of you who support all our events in good numbers.  You certainly make all our efforts worthwhile and to those who may not have come to any yet, please come to one because you will love them.

Most of you will not be surprised now to get a phone call from one of our team, including me, reminding you that we still have not heard from you about your reservation to an event.  Please forgive this intrusion but we favour the direct approach to get everyone to attend….Having said this, we are hoping that the day will come when you will receive a flyer from the shul advising you of an event and that you will get back to us very quickly to make a reservation.  Until then we will be calling you….and we need more volunteers to help us make these phone calls.  We are also looking for helpers to assist us with the preparation of the food and for bringing it over from North London.  If any of you can spare a little bit of time to help us out in these ways please get in touch with me later.

Thank you.

Rica Infante

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