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The Minyan rota has been instigated and those scheduled to be in shul this week and
in the coming weeks have been informed and are requested to attend. 
Friday night services now start at 1900 hours.
Levys and Cohens:  Please help us on as many Shabbat services as you can.   
It would be gratefully appreciated!
Wardens - David Heller & Simon Felberg
Shul surgery!

 The office upstairs in the shul will be open and
manned once a month from 10-11 am for anyone
who wants to discuss their shul bill or any specific shul issues.
Please check the 'Diary' to confirm the monthly surgery date.

E-mail Addresses

Please let the administrator have your e-mail address so we can include you
in our weekly e-mail Newsletter. 
Mr Warren Land is the Sutton & District Synagogue Administrator and his contact details
can be found on the 'contact us' page. 
  ALON - the Sutton Synagogue Annual Rosh Hashana Magazine

YOU SAY IT - WE PRINT IT (subject to Editor's approval)  YOU SAY IT - WE PRINT IT!
  Contributions are always welcomed - articles, experiences, letters, comments.
Editor:  June Lewis - further details from the Administrator. 

A new social event group called "Chaverim" has replaced the SFC in Sutton Shul.
This new Events Committee aims to bring you top class entertainment at very affordable prices.
Chaverim means "friends" in Hebrew and you are one of us too!


For information on JLGB which runs on alternate Tuesday evenings from 7 - 9pm 
 in Kingston, please contact - Amy Dodd
(conatct number available via the administrator)
South London Jewish Youth Group

The South London Jewish Youth Group is held at Croydon synagogue.
There is an informal, relaxed atmosphere with many activities such as football, uni-hoc,
arts and crafts, cookery, benchball and parachute games AND a tuck shop.
The activities are not compulsory and the environment is totally relaxed.
The youth group is independent and not affiliated to any shul and we would like
all of the South London Jewish communities to be involved
and to encourage youngsters from the ages of 9 to 16 to attend.
Parents are also welcome to stay for coffee, cake and a chat... and even a bit of football!
Please note, there is no cost to attend.
For more details please contact Stephen King.
The Friendship Club meet every Monday afternoon
at Sutton Synagogue from 1.30pm.
For more information please contact Melanie.
JACS meet every Wednesday afternoon at Sutton Synagogue from 1:30 pm.
For more information please contact Barry Heller.

If you know of anyone who is unwell, in hospital or needs a visit, please let us know by contacting our Welfare Officer, Adele Stern
In the past we have tried to form a welfare team, sadly without success.   
 As our members are inevitably getting older, the need will be increasing. 
If you feel that you would be able to help in any way (shopping, visiting, a voice on the telephone) please inform Adele Stern (contact via the administrator).  
We would not want calls for help to go unanswered
Would members please note that with the change of our status from Affiliate to Constituent Synagogue, any cheque written out for Sutton & District Synagogue should now be made payable to "United Synagogue Sutton" and not to "Sutton & District Synagogue" as previously.  With regret, any future cheque received in the former name will be returned with a request to use the new payee name.  Thank you for your understanding.
 Urgent  -  United Synagogue Announcement
A channel of communication has been created which allows the United Synagogue (U.S.) to have an improved direct dialogue with its members.  However, in order for the U.S. to enter into dialogue with you directly, they will require your e-mail address.
As we are already constituent members of the U.S., we do not see this as disclosure to a third party.
However, should you wish us NOT to pass your email address to the U.S. please
e-mail the administrator stating that you do not wish to be included in the US mailings.
The idea of direct communication between the U.S. and its members will be channelled through a new section of the U.S. website entitled "You & US", where the U.S. will share with its members a huge range of articles and stories revolving around what they all do. There are a lot of exciting initiatives taking place, all designed to help our members place ever-greater value on their membership.
The South London Mikvah
Contact Chabad Wimbeldon to make an appointment -
Mobile : 07985 757517 
Other mikvaot in London are:
Maida Vale Mikvah
Tel: 020 7372 7237

Golders Green Mikvah
Tel: 020 8731 9494 

Below is some information from Stephen Ison, the Jewish Care representative in South London.  He is based at Nightingale.

Let’s meet up
Once a month I hold a surgery at Wimbledon Synagogue, so why not come along and find out how Jewish Care can help you?    You can also always contact me through Jewish Care Direct on 020 8922 2222.
How I can help?
So what can I do for you or family or friends?   If you need information about how Jewish Care can help you with home care, sheltered accommodation, residential and nursing care – or if you have any other concerns about any aspect of care, please talk to me.    I have contacts with many other organisations, including the League of course but also Chai Cancer Care, Norwood, the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR), and Jewish Association for the Mentally ill (JAMI), so if I’m not able to help you, I’ll put you in touch with someone who can.  I also work with many non Jewish organisations,  hospital discharge co-ordinators and local authority social workers. 
What’s due to you?
Are you receiving the right pension and welfare benefits? Jewish Care can make sure you are getting what you are entitled to …….…so contact me and I will let you know how to access this really useful service. 
Working for the Community
I’m here to spread the word about what’s going on in the community. Visit and take a look at what’s happening.  Let me know of what is happening and I will publicise it on the website and in my E bulletins which will be sent out monthly.

Stephen Ison
Community Support Practitioner
South London 
Jewish Care is the largest health and social care charity for the Jewish community, caring directly for over 7,000 people every week through more than 70 centres and specialist services throughout London and the South-East. For more information about the work of Jewish Care, please visit their website at

We always can use additional help from Sutton members with -
Hospital visits, home visits, shopping, telephone calls - to the lonely and unwell; car lifts.
Please try and spare some time, whatever you can - even just 30 minutes a week.
Volunteers are also required to help at Nightingale Residential Home -  just a few hours a week or even once a month.

At this time of the year it is good to think of undertaking an extra mitzvah....a worthwhile mitzvah!


If you drive a car and can spare an hour a month by offering to give a lift to our elderly members to the Kingston Shul Day Centre, please get in touch with Rhona Rind  via the shul administrator. There are many ladies and gentlemen for whom an outing to Kingston is one of the highlights of their is the one chance they get to meet friends and socialise...without your help they would be sitting alone at home.


Giving up of your precious time in the pursuit of the happiness of others is a merit that re-energises the soul of the giver......


Rhona Rind - League of Jewish Women
See full size image
 We would like to remind all members that they should inform the Wardens of the date, time and other arrangements relating to a forthcoming stone setting.  This will enable them to make appropriate arrangements with a Minister and also hopefully to arrange for representatives of the Board of Management to be in attendance.  This information will also be relayed by the officiating Warden when making announcements at the end of the Shabbat Service.
To assist those who have difficulty in mustering a minyan for a funeral or a stone setting,
Jewish Care have a network of volunteers who are willing to help in this respect.
Requests should be made to Jewish Care Direct 020 8922 2222.

The CST have warned us that anti-Semitism is very much on the rise in London and the suburbs and we must take every precaution to ensure the security and safety of our members whilst inside the Shul premises.

Many Shuls all over the UK are taking these steps as of immediate effect.

Can we please ask that as many people as will read this e-mail (both men and women) come forward to help with security cover on these days.  Please contact the Shul Administrator and leave your name.  We shall prepare an immediate rota for people to stand outside by the gates during the Shabbat services and Sunday Cheder and advise you the date of your rota. 

We hope that every able member will rise to the occasion and if we get a strong response there may not be a need for any rota to last for more than 30 mins.

Thank you.

Share your ideas with us!
Do you have any suggestions or requests to make to the Honorary Officers and Board of Management?  Are you happy with what we're doing and how we're doing it? 
We want to hear what you have to say.
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