Chanukah event in Sutton 2014

The annual Chanukah social event was held at Sutton shul
on Sunday 21st September.
This year we were entertained by the Java Saxophone Quartet.
The musical arrangements varied from dixiland jazz to swing,
from the rat pack to the beatles and beyond.
After an hour of musical entertainment tea was served in the reception hall
which included the customary donuts.
Tea was followed by lighting of the chanukah candles after Rabbi Lev
had recited the blessings and then singing the chanukah songs,
accompanied by the jazz quartet playing along to ma'osur.
A second hour of very enjoyable musical entertainment
finished the Chanukah event for 2014.
Over 50 people attended this highly enjoyable event.
This event was kindly sponsored by
Jean and Sam Simons on the occasion of their Diamond wedding anniversary.
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