D'Var Torah Project - 65th Anniversary of Sutton Jewish Community

Project -
65th Anniversary of Sutton Jewish Community
We have covered and completed the full cycle of all the Torah portions that make up the Five Books of Moses.  All in all we have produced 54 Divrei Torah
(some relate to double portion Parshas).

Grateful thanks to all those who took part in this very worthwhile challenge that has taken two years to accomplish and there is no doubt that we have inspired one another to produce a wonderful project of which we can be proud. 
The file was shown to senior officers at the United Synagogue. They were so impressed with the project that they have made it into a Booklet entitled “Torah from Sutton”  under their "Living & Learning" logo and absorbed the printing costs.  The Booklet was ready for Passover and has already been mailed to all our members to commemorate the 65th Anniversary this October of the inception of the Sutton Jewish Community in October 1946.
Please note that extra copies of the D'var Torah Booklet are available from our Administrator.
Cost:   £5.00 plus correct postage (A5 envelope)  
Cheques should be made out to “United Synagogue Sutton" 
Mailing address: 
Attention:  Mr. Warren Land, Administrator,
United Synagogue Sutton, 305 Ballards Lane, London N12 8GB.
The project is written about on the first page of the United Synagogue Web-page.
Click on the link below to view and I hope you will all enjoy your booklets...
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