Sutton Synagogue Quiz Evening - 11th March 2012

Sutton Combined Charities - Report on the Quiz Night Supper

With over 100 people reserving tickets, 95 of those attended on the night a very successful Quiz Supper organised by Sutton Combined Charities
on Sunday, 11th March. 
The food as the atmosphere was par excellence and grateful thanks to
Gerald Cohen, Stephen Smullen
and everyone else involved in putting together this social event. 
This year’s quiz master was our own Micky Fels who handled the job with admirable panache, control
 and ensured that all was fair play.
Thanks should also go to the nine youth members of the community who came along to act as helpers on the evening. This was a true community event with the age range from 12 years up to 80+ years.
See the photos of the event in the 'photo gallery'.
Photos are of the Quizmaster, the Chairman and of some of those
who attended the event.
  The winners of the Quiz Cup for this year (and not for the first time) was the table made up of Jackie Alexander, Neil & Adele Faber, Dave & Esther Heller,
Cecil & Alison Nick, Stuart & Barbara Saunders
 and Charles & Sheila Smith.
 In addition to my team winning and me winning the Kobo e-reader in the raffle,
 I thought it was an excellent evening.
I know that everyone works really hard on it and it is appreciated.
Best wishes

The praise must go to you and the committee.
You worked very hard to make last night such a good success
 with a wonderful atmosphere.
Well done to you all. 
Graeme is still talking about last night.
He thought the whole evening was quite excellent. 
From the organisation, from the food and wine (which he said was really good and in abundance)
and all the other things plus people's input which went together to make for a really fantastic evening.
It was thoroughly enjoyed by our table and looking around, I am sure by all the other tables also.
And what a gem of a Quiz Master  -  well done to Micky.
Graeme has asked me to write on his behalf  to congratulate the wonderful committee for all the dedicated
and hard work and your success in organisation to the last detail.
And of course, I agree as well.
It was a good, good evening.
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