A guided Jewish East End walk

From the Poor Jews Temporary Shelter in Leman Street to the Fieldgate Street revolutionaries, we discovered how our Jewish ancestors created a miniature welfare state in the East End; we met a pioneer in the use of Hebrew as a living language; we visited clubs for Jewish boys and girls; we saw a forgotten Yiddish theatre ((Grand Palais Yiddish theatre) where one of Britain’s last Yiddish actresses, Anna Tzelniker and her father Meier, used to perform.; we visited an old Jewish Street market; we met revolutionaries and anarchists; we visited two shuls, one which was founded in 1898 by Sir Samuel Montagu.   

Our guide, Philip Walker, met us at 10.15am sharp at Tower Hill Tube station for a gentle exploration of the little known Jewish streets that lie sandwiched between Commercial Road and Whitechapel High Street. 
A bright and beautiful morning with a group of 30 wondering around the quiet streets of East London.
The shul in the picture, the East London Central Synagogue on Nelson Street, was founded in 1898 by Sir Samuel Montagu.  It is a beautiful little shul with an aging community that is now struggling against the odds to remain viable.  The other shul, Fieldgate Street Great synagogue on Fieldgate Street, has a Shabbat morning service once a month where every single male is given an Aliyah!
The walk took about two and a half hours.  
This was an outing much enjoyed by all which rendered surplus income for the shul of £70 after expenses.  Thank you to all the members who supported us!
This walk is Philip's latest and favourite one because it goes through quiet alleyways and hidden backstreets which allows one to experience the inner heart of the Jewish East End. 
Many walks of Jewish interest are along thundering main roads or through crowds of people.
For more information about our Guide please see:
Philip Walker: Jewish East End Celebration Society www.jewisheastend.com
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