Chanukah Celebrations 2010 - an event to be remembered

Celebrating Chanukah with Shir
– Report by Barbara Saunders

An effusion of happy spirits pervaded the atmosphere at Sutton Shul’s Chanukah celebrations last Sunday night.   108 tickets were booked and 92 people attended, a good turnout given the treacherous icy roads.  Within, all was warmth and joy. Rev Meir Lev opened the musical evening with the traditional lighting of the Chanukah candles and led us in a beautiful rendition of the blessings and songs, sensitively accompanied by the Shir Quartet’s clarinet, violin, guitar and double bass.


After that, we were whisked off to Israel for a delightful medley of Chanukah classics, such as, “Mi Yemalel Gvurot Yisrael?” “Ner Li, Ner Li, Ner Li Dakik,” “Sevivon, Sov, Sov, Sov,” to name a few. Then we were transported by 'Shir' magic to other lands and past ages, drinking in evocative Yiddish and Ladino songs, Klezmer and Ladino melodies that ranged from exuberant Simcha to haunting loss.


Having replenished our souls, we were greeted in the hall by tables laden with a splendid array of food: bridge rolls, fish, falafel, crudités, cake, doughnuts, cookies, sweets and hot and cold drinks. An army of ladies had worked all Sunday morning to prepare the feast for which we were very grateful. It was the perfect opportunity to see friends too.


Afterwards, we returned for the second half of the concert. Shir’s virtuosity is truly impressive, including Flamenco and songs from Ladino and Yiddish. My personal favourite is the Middle Eastern song “Shecharchoret” translated from Ladino into Hebrew and famous in Israel, which features on their new CD Ashk’farad, a fusion of Ashkenazi and Sephardi music.  Shir, is a nationally acclaimed Quartet whose work is well worth listening to on their website at


If you were there you will still be feeling happy from a memorable evening of fantastic atmosphere and beautiful music. Our heartfelt thanks go to Rica Infante and the team of helpers from the Sutton Synagogue Functions Committee ( SFC) and to all the many people who worked so hard to make this lovely evening a resounding success. Kol Hakavod to you all and above all to our visionary Rica Infante, who declared war on the snow and ice with her indomitable grit!
 Photos from this fantastic event are displayed in the Photo Gallery.
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Following the great success of the Chanukah Klezmer Evening on Sunday, 5 December, Shir would like to offer all the Sutton Synagogue members a unique opportunity to buy their latest CD Ashk'farad at £10 + p&p.  This is a good offer, considering this CD is quoted at £12.00 + p&p on their website.  To order please contact Ivor Goldberg direct at  You can visit their website at for music sampling and concert videos.  Please note we will not be taking orders for Shir, preferring you do this directly with them. 
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