UJIA is the financial and strategic investor in the positive future of UK Jewish life and life in Northern Israel.


UJIA’s programme is built around young people and education, which we see as the key to securing our future. We believe that the future of the people of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora are dependent upon each other and that UJIA creates the ‘living bridge’ between our communities.

Our core focus on education and youth in Israel is being augmented with programmes addressing social infrastructure, development, and strengthening communities. With our partners, we are constructing a long term programme of regeneration for resilience – creating local institutions, services and opportunities that will enable all the communities in this conflict-prone region – Jewish and non-Jewish, urban and rural – to prosper.

Our UK programme represents a comprehensive cross-communal approach to Jewish education and identity. Our Jewish Life Education Centre compliments our direct support of Jewish youth movements, training youth leaders and providing them with resources.

Our flagship UJIA Israel Experience programmes involve almost 3,000 young people each year. We also invest heavily in educational leadership, both in curriculum development and teacher training.


UJIA’s strategy is designed to help guarantee a sustainable and positive future for the people of the Galil in northern Israel and the Jewish community of the UK.

UJIA Israel Experience is our flagship programme connecting young Jewish people to their heritage and heartland.
We fund Summer Tour, Gap Year and Birthright. Every year more than 2,500 of our young people visit Israel on
a dedicated educational programme. In conjunction with this we run the UJIA Jewish Life Education Centre, the home of
informal Jewish education. We provide resources for inspiring young people to engage with Jewish life, heritage and Israel.

We work with the Jewish Youth Movements and the Union of Jewish Students (UJS). We also fund a number of young
adult educational initiatives including Limmud. Our educational work in the UK also includes our Educational
Leadership programme, developing a complete programme of Jewish education through teacher training, curriculum and professional development of the very highest standard.

In the north of Israel UJIA has started Galil-wide initiatives, such as community transformation programmes and
upgrading of schools, as well as many individual programmes. These are intended to strengthen the social infrastructure and indirectly provide a significant boost to the local economy. Our Education Initiative spans the whole of the Galil and includes the upgrading of facilities and educational interventions, such as curriculum development and extra-curricular support. We also fund initiatives for sustainable employment opportunities, providing small business support and vocational training. We are heavily focused on Community Regeneration, linking with Tel Hai Academic College and Migal’s world class Research institute.

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