AJEX exists to show the population that Jews did indeed serve in HM Forces and prove that we did our bit in the various wars over the past three centuries.  (A visit to the Jewish Military Museum in Hendon is most educational).  As a result we are accorded the honour of having our own Parade in Whitehall every year and hold our own Remembrance Service with Official dignitaries in attendance (Prince Philip for one example).
The three wings of the local branch (Wimbledon, Kingston & Sutton) hold a Civic Remembrance Service at their respective synagogues each year at which many local dignitaries, as well as Members of Parliament are present.
For as long as AJEX continues to exist remembrance of our departed comrades will be a cornerstone of our activities.

We raise money for the support of impoverished ex-service people and to combat anti Semitism.  We welcome Associated Members who did not serve but would want to advance our influence in these fields. This is in line with the Royal British Legion who have also changed their rules to accommodate these new members.  
We have quite a Social life in this area and have during the year a Luncheon at Wimbledon Shul, an inter-branch Quiz, (which Sutton Branch win quite often) outings to places of interest, concerts etc.
More details can be found on the national web site - www.ajex.org.uk
This site has been presented in loving memory of Eva and Joe Sarfaty

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